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fix for using USB Floppy drives for F6 drivers in Textmode

This fix will add support for USB floppy disks in the text mode portion of Windows Setup, and allow you to load F6 drivers.
This fix should work on Windows 2000 and up.
I have only tested it with a Sony USB floppy drive on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 x64
Create your Storage device driver disk and open textsetup.oem
Add the following lines to the bottom of [HardwareIds.scsi.(device name)]
If this section does not exist you must create it!
If your USB floppy drive still does not work, look for the hardware ID in the floppy drive driver’s .inf file, and make sure any legacy floppy drives are disabled in the bios.

id = “USB\VID_03F0&PID_2001”, “usbstor” #–HP
id = “USB\VID_054C&PID_002C”, “usbstor” #–Sony
id = “USB\VID_057B&PID_0001”, “usbstor” #–Y-E Data
id = “USB\VID_0409&PID_0040”, “usbstor” #–NEC
id = “USB\VID_0424&PID_0FDC”, “usbstor” #–SMSC
id = “USB\VID_08BD&PID_1100”, “usbstor” #–Iomega
id = “USB\VID_055D&PID_2020”, “usbstor” #–Samsung

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