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Add error on line 180: No Such Attribute

During SP1 installation you may get this error detail in ldif.err

in the ldif.err shows

Entry DN: CN=ms-Exch-Resource-Schema,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=buckleyschoolnyc,DC=org
Add error on line 180: No Such Attribute
The server side error is “The parameter is incorrect.”
An error has occurred in the program

You have to use adsiedit and modify some attributes in AD
go to the ms-Exch-Resource-Schema under schema configuration
then where it says display name if you see anything that says DUP with some numbers, remove the DUP and numbers and should just show the schema atrribute for example ms-Exch-Resource-Schema should show as ms-Exch-Resource-Schema not as DUP12312311ms-Exch-Resource-Schema

 Second go to
change ldapdisplayname that had a dup prefix and guid suffix to: msExchResourcePropertySchema


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